Recruitment Agents

Sheffield Hallam University works with education recruitment agents in the following countries. Please contact them directly if you would like to receive advice about studying with us.

Basic agent counselling services include

  • advice on course selection
  • brochures and information
  • information about the city
  • assistance with application forms
  • visa advice where necessary

If you have any queries about our agents please contact us at

Afghanistan| Albania| Algeria| Australia| Azerbaijan| Bahrain| Bangladesh| Belgium| Brazil| Brunei Darussalam| Bulgaria| Cambodia| Cameroon| Canada| China| Colombia| Croatia| Cyprus| Egypt| Estonia| France| Germany| Ghana| Greece| Hong Kong| India| Indonesia| Iran (Islamic Republic of)| Iraq| Italy| Ivory Coast| Japan| Jersey| Jordan| Kazakhstan| Kenya| Korea, Republic of (South Korea)| Kuwait| Lao, People's Democratic Republic| Latvia| Lebanon| Libya| Lithuania| Macao| Malaysia| Maldives| Mauritius| Mexico| Morocco| Myanmar, Burma| Nepal| New Zealand| Nigeria| Oman| Pakistan| Palestinian National Authority| Philippines| Poland| Portugal| Qatar| Romania| Saudi Arabia| Serbia and Montenegro| Singapore| Slovenia| South Africa| Spain| Sri Lanka| Sudan| Syria, Syrian Arab Republic| Taiwan, Republic of China| Tanzania| Thailand| Tunisia| Turkey| Uganda| Ukraine| United Arab Emirates| United Kingdom| United States| Uzbekistan| Vietnam| Zambia|

If we do not have an agent in your country then you can contact your local British Council Office for further information and advice.

Afghanistan [top]

Albania [top]

Algeria [top]

Australia [top]

Azerbaijan [top]

Bahrain [top]

Bangladesh [top]

Belgium [top]

Brazil [top]

Brunei Darussalam [top]

Bulgaria [top]

Cambodia [top]

Cameroon [top]

Canada [top]

China [top]

Colombia [top]

Croatia [top]

Cyprus [top]

Egypt [top]

Estonia [top]

France [top]

Germany [top]

  • Hellenic Anglo Learning Operations

  • [visit website]
    Limassol, Cyprus 29 B Sisifou Street

    Piraeus, Greece 131 Praxitelous (STOA)
    4th Floor

    Tel: +30 210 429 4344
    Tel : +30 210 532 0897
    Tel: Christine Kleinhenz
    Fax : +30 210 532 3177
    Fax : +30 210 429 4342

Ghana [top]

Greece [top]

Hong Kong [top]

India [top]

Indonesia [top]

Iran (Islamic Republic of) [top]

Iraq [top]

Italy [top]

Ivory Coast [top]

Japan [top]

Jersey [top]

Jordan [top]

Kazakhstan [top]

Kenya [top]

Korea, Republic of (South Korea) [top]

Kuwait [top]

Lao, People's Democratic Republic [top]

Latvia [top]

Lebanon [top]

Libya [top]

Lithuania [top]

Macao [top]

Malaysia [top]

Maldives [top]

Mauritius [top]

Mexico [top]

Morocco [top]

Myanmar, Burma [top]

Nepal [top]

New Zealand [top]

Nigeria [top]

Oman [top]

Pakistan [top]

Palestinian National Authority [top]

Philippines [top]

Poland [top]

Portugal [top]

Qatar [top]

Romania [top]

Saudi Arabia [top]

Serbia and Montenegro [top]

Singapore [top]

Slovenia [top]

South Africa [top]

Spain [top]

Sri Lanka [top]

Sudan [top]

Syria, Syrian Arab Republic [top]

Taiwan, Republic of China [top]

Tanzania [top]

Thailand [top]

Tunisia [top]

Turkey [top]

Uganda [top]

Ukraine [top]

United Arab Emirates [top]

United Kingdom [top]

United States [top]

Uzbekistan [top]

Vietnam [top]

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